Andros Video Guide

Kairis museum exhibits the history of school materials in Andros

Andros | Pensil exhibition at the Kairis home museum

Immerse in the history of writing tools in the Kairis Library

In our days the computer or the keys of our cell phone are our usual means of writing but the process and the art of writing has a very long history. In the Kairis Library of Andros, the doctor Michalis Kairis, formed a very particular collection with the purpose of showing the development of writing tools to the present. All kinds of pens, fountain pens, quills, ink pens, dip pens, styluses, pencils, are the subject matter of this collection,  plus an array of other relevant tools for the writer like pencil sharpeners, erasers, inkpots, inkstands, ink cartridges, blotting papers, ink pads, old briefcases and portfolios. All these items have been collected by Dr. Kairis not only from Europe but from the Far East and various Islamic countries. Needless to say that like any personal item, these writing tools are an expression of their owners’ personality and wealth, as it is evident in the elaborate decorations and materials some of them possess.

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