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Andros | About Andros town (Chora of Andros)

Chora, Andros' lively capital and cultural center

Chora, the capital of Andros, is located on the east coast of the island between two large beaches, Niborio and Paraporti. This is an attractive town with two beautiful squares, steep-narrow alleys and stone walkways. In Chora you can also view the remnants of the Venetian Castle, on a small island which is connected to the town by a small stone  bridge.  It was built in the 13th century during the Venetian occupation by Marinos Dandolos. Take a stroll around Chora starting from Georgiou Embirikou Street, the market street that is full of shops, cafés, pastry shops and restaurants. The so-called “Porta” is a gate to Chora’s past, to the old part of the town that is of particular architectural interest. The steps on the right side of Kairi Square lead to Paraportiani with its long beach. Paraporti (which means side door) was named after the small door next to the Porta that sealed the exit towards it. Chora is also the seat of a number of significant museums that give the island its artistic reputation. Among them the Museum of Modern Art stands out with its permanent collections and its special exhibitions in the summer months. 

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