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Brief History of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways was launched in 1997 and is centered in its hub airport, in Doha,??in the United Arab Emirates. It grew exceptionally fast both in size and luxury, flying now to more than 100 destinations all over the world with one of the youngest fleets in the world. In fact, Qatar Airways fleet consists of 98 Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier aircrafts with 6 new Boeing 777s ordered last June. The company has placed orders of another 200 aircrafts including Boeing’s 777 & 787 and Airbus A380 & A350, planned to be delivered in 2012. Also, it is going to be one of the few airlines to be commanding the new 787 Dreamliner, the most efficient aircraft ever constructed.

The company has been growing with an astounding rate of 30% annually, traveling to key business and leisure places in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Pacific Asia and North and South America. In 2011 alone Stuttgart, Shiraz, Bucharest, Venice, Budapest and Brussels were added in the long line of destinations.

It has 3 classes of cabin, the economy, the business and the first all offered in very competitive prices. The company’s website is very user friendly, informative and it gives you a very clear picture of the available services, seats and cabins. The online booking process is quite easy and simple.

Awards and Operational Excellence

Qatar Airways is has joined the 5-star airline elite and was voted "Airline of the Year"  in 2011 by Skytrax, the independent aviation monitoring body. Apart from that, in a short period of time, it has gathered many awards for its outstanding performance in quality, in-flight services, superb onboard products and development.

Qatar Airways concern on the environment protection

As a member of the International Air Transport Association Environment Committee (IATA ENCOM), Qatar Airways is deeply concerned about the protection of environment and the international aviation emissions and is working with the other members to reduce the impact of the airline industry on the climate. Thus, they have managed to lower their carbon footprint of their planes by reducing aircraft weight, use of water, paper and other materials, recycling waste onboard and in airports, implementing more economical flight routes and take off/landing procedures, increasing aerodynamic efficiency, using power alternatives when on-ground, etc

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