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The History of KLM

My KLM Review

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, as it is known, is a reputable airline that has been around since 1919. It was first launched to provide satisfactory fleet services to the Netherlands and its colonies but has achieved a tremendous impact in the airline industry operating with many other airlines in a merger. Specifically, KLM was merged with Air France to form the Air France KLM group since 2004 and has been the leading company among KLM Group which includes other functioning subsidiaries like KLM Cityhopper, transavia and Martinair.

Reading their mission statement, I think that this airline is out to achieving their aim which I think is part of the reasons they haven’t changed their name since inception for a company that old. KLM stated that they have a commitment of being at the forefront of the airline industry and have achieved great results with a pool of workers that professional deliver reliability with unequal Dutch pragmatism. With a focus not only to their corporate aims and economy but also to social development, they are also committed to sustainability while providing unequal, safe and efficient services that have created a pathway for their brand in the airline industry.

Features of KLM

Reliable global service: KLM maintains an extensive network through which it services its customers. Maybe this is due to their age in this industry or just because they are smarter, but their commitment on being the first choice to their customers is very evident in this attitude.  They consistently indulge is profitable partnerships and in creating new destinations while taking advantage of market opportunities and technological developments to provide customers a global service that they can rely on. KLM, along with Air France are part of the reputable SkyTeam alliance which is a huge global flight network with more than 384 million annual passengers worldwide. Through its member groups, the alliance provides more than 14,500 daily flights to 926 destinations in about 173 countries. Other members of the alliance include AirEuropa, Aeroflot, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, and so many others.

Unequal customer service: Great customer service is a quality that sets any customer-based company apart. While KLM has been around for decades, I don’t think they would have achieved such a result if they don’t take advantage of the modern development to create a more flexible service system. However, it seemed that they are not only committed to providing flexible fleet services for passengers but also a reliable cargo service with direct European and intercontinental connections. According to their website, all their services is dedicated to satisfying the individual behind the customer; thereby tailoring their service system to the benefits of every customer knowing that as they are different customers, they will sure have different needs, desires and feelings.

Great focus on employee: A destabilized workforce makes a dying company. When you call the customer line of a company and the person at the other end is not willing to help sort out your issue, the company gets a bad mark despite the fact that the behavior you just experienced came from just an employee who may have acted out of personal reasons. This is what KLM wants to avoid. They have over 32,000 employees all of which are trained and provided with more than they need to live better and work better. They pay great attention to the health and development of their employees; providing fitness centers and staff restaurants. Additionally, all employees are also encouraged and monitored through subsequent trainings which have helped them to leverage technological changes in creating an exceptionally, flexible service system.

What Do Customers Say?

KLM, having been around for long and with its frequent partnerships and acquisition of destinations, has built quite a huge customer base counting about 71 million passengers per year along with Air France. Providing 594 aircrafts with 2,500 daily flights to about 236 destinations worldwide, many people have actually made them their number one choice for national and international trips. Among other qualities outlined by some of their previous customers are clean cabin, understanding cabin crew and a smooth flight. I was surprised to see that on some independent review sites, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines got between 4 and 5 stars for cost, seat comfort, staff service, entertainment and catering including a check mark of recommendation on almost every review.

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