Kythera Video Guide

Visiting Kapsali Beach is considered a must thing to do in Kythera

Kythera | Kapsali Village and Beach

The twin beaches of Kapsali extend along the samename village, Kythera's cosmopolitan spot

Near the picturesque village of Kapsali, visible from the Castle of Chora, are two twin sandy bays. The smaller one consists of small rocks and is quite remote, while the other is more accessible, offering a refreshing swim at its blue crystal waters. Kapsali is one of the most popular beaches of Kythera lined with restaurants and cafes. Due to its safe and pleasant environment it is ideal for families and children. The stunning mountain backdrop and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, are two elements that attract visitors to Kapsali. The rocky islet of Hytra or Avgo can be seen offshore, forming a strange shape. The locals claim that it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and desire. Kapsali beach, being located next to Chora, offers great views to the Venetian Castle and Hytra. To put it simply, Kapsali is not just a village on a beach. It has everything!

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