Kythera Video Guide

Springs of Amir Ali are never dry and their cool refreshing water makes them the most popular in the island

Kythera | Water Springs of Amir Ali

After a relaxing walk from Karavas, one reaches the Amir Ali sources that never dry up

Amir-Ali’s ravine is located at the evergreen village of Karavas, in the northern part of the island, a few kilometers from the larger village of Potamos. Karavas is built on a verdant ravine with all kinds of trees. There you encounter many sources never stop gushing cool water. Among the most famous is the source of Amir Ali, the Portokalia, the Keramaris and sources of manganese. The second takes its name from an orange tree, which according to tradition produced a hundred thousand oranges. As you descend towards the springs of Amir Ali, you will meet the old settlement Mavrogiorgiannika which deserted and silent, stands as a spectator on the green landscape. Recently there have been restorations of old houses there, creating real jewels of architecture. A relaxing walk along the trail that leads to the springs and some moments of rest there, offer a unique sense of well being.

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