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Mylopotamos is a picturesque village of Kythera you have to visit

Kythera | Mylopotamos Village

Mylopotamos is another medieval village with impressive architectural elements

Mylopotamos is one of the most picturesque medieval villages of Kythera. It consists of three settlements, Kato Chora, Limionas and Agia Sofia. Alluringly verdant, set in a wooded valley, this village is a true oasis in the summer. It is located 15 km west of Chora, the capital of Kythera. On its central square, a little church and a nice kafeneion are nesting under the shadow of trees. A waterfall called Neraida (water nymph) adds even more to the lovely image of the square. Kato Chora is the settlement with the oldest traditional architecture elements found in the English school and the Venetian fortress. This abandoned ‘Kastro’, built on the extension of a rock, was a refuge for the inhabitants in case of attack. In the entrance of the fortress we see the well-preserved symbol of Venetian domination, the lion of Saint Mark. Inside its walls, houses and exceptional Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches stand to this day, like the church of Agios Athanasios, Panagia Mesosporitissa and Agios Ioannis Prodromos. From Kato Chora, a beautiful stone paved road leads to the astonishing cliffs of Limionas, a rocky bay with fine white sand. 

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