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Mitata and Viaradika are a picturesque villages of Kythera near Aroniadika Village

Kythera | Mitata & Viaradika Villages

Mitata and Viaradika are two beautiful traditional villages immersed in rich vegetation

The most beautiful –in terms of lush vegetation - village of Kythera, is Mitata. Located centrally in the north of the island, near the airport, it has a wonderful view to a beautiful glen, the gorge of Tsakonas. Opposite Mitata is the smaller village of Viaradika and among them lies the gorge of Tsakonas, a frenzy of dense vegetation with a variety of trees, shrubs and other plants. The gorge is accessible and full of pleasant surprises for the potential walker who will encounter watermills, ponds and a small post-Byzantine church. The region has plenty of springs with abundant water. The locals are mainly occupied in agriculture and there is a unique variety of nectarines, also known under the name "breasts of Aphrodite", that grows in Mitata. They are among the most active people on the island and their association by the name of “Myrtia” organizes the “Wine Festival” each August. Don’t miss a visit at the springs, an area suitable for a nice picnic.

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