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Visiting Agia Patrikia Beach is considered a must thing to do in Kythera

Kythera | Agia Patrikia Beach

Agia Patrikia has its own magic with the old, out of commission fishing boats moored on its bay

At a very picturesque spot in Kythera, called Mosonisi in older times, close to the Agia Pelagia harbor, we find the Agia Patrikia fishing shelter. It is located across from the Peloponnese, sheltered from western and southern winds and it seems that about 1000 years ago according to a Venetian chronicle, refugees from the land across chose this area for their permanent home. Easily accessible, at 5 klm from Agia Pelagia going to Karavas, Agia Patrikia beach offers an interesting sight with the old, out of commission boats finding shelter in this small Kythera bay. It is a remote beach, with pristine waters and very few visitors, offering peace and quiet to those who seek it. This is where you will also find the Agios Georgios chapel on a hill top, wherefrom you can descend to the Agia Patrikia bay. On the hill there are ruins, probably of a byzantine settlement.

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