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Visiting Kalamies Beach is considered a must thing to do in Kalymnos

Kalymnos | Kalamies Beach

Kalamies beach is for fans of bare landscapes and limited facilities

Kalamies beach is located just before Emborios village in the island of Kalimnos, near the northwest tip of the island, nestled in a remote corner of the long and scraggly peninsula. It's a few hundred metres of white shingle protected on the landward side by long reeds. The landscape behind is pretty bare, but in compensation for that, the sea is very clean and clear. Kalamies has basic facilities such as umbrella and sunbed rentals, and a few cafes and tavernas for when you feel peckish. The sea can get choppy when a northerly wind blows, and becomes deep rather quickly, so it's not ideal for families with kids. The beach at Kalamies is 23 kilometres from the main port at Pothia, but public transportation doesn't go there, so renting a car from Pothia or Hora is the only realistic answer. Follow the main road to Emborio, branching off into Kalamies at the sign.

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