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The sea has always been Kalymnos’ focal point with sponge-harvesting being the main pillar of the economy for ages. The prosperity of the Kalymnian shipping community is evident in the ornate buildings gracing the waterfront of Pothia, the main port. The Italian presence until the first half of the 20th century is felt on the island’s genteel corners. The island is surrounded by quiet islets, some inhabited only by sheep and goats, others – like Telendos and Pserimos – with just a few houses and tavernas. The Kalymnian landscape is rocky, its majestic mountain slopes fragrant with thyme, sage and oregano – essential ingredients in the delicious honey for which the island is famous. Fertile valleys offer pleasing contrast, especially Vathi with its turquoise fiord and peaceful groves of citrus fruit. . A favourite haunt for rock climbers, the limestone cliffs of the island’s west coast are an impressive sight.

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