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Climbing up giant vertical rocks; diving in a sea bottom where centuries-old ship wrecks lie; enchanting caves; wonderful beaches und picturesque island settlements. This is Kalymnos: the island of the sea-sponge harvesters, a destination offering more than you can imagine! The fourth largest island of the Dodecanese Group is widely known as an international sponge-harvesting trade center. After WW II, Kalymnos remained the only Greek island engaged in the sea sponge-harvesting activity, supplying domestic as well as foreign markets. Thanks to its unique geomorphology, Kalymnos is a tourist destination known worldwide for offering alternative vacations and activities such as climbing, scuba diving, mountain hiking and spelunking, a true paradise for passionate action-lovers! It is only natural that on such an island you will come across dreamy beaches, ideal for unforgettable fun dives. Moreover the whole island is a unique natural climbing field with more than 1300 climbing tracks of various levels of difficulty.
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    On an island such as Kalymnos the quietest and calmest beaches may not be the softest. Kalymnos is a rocky island and most of its beaches tend to be on the pebbly side. If you don't mind that, and need a little remoteness to chill out, try Arginonta beach on the northwest of the island. It's in a small and sheltered ...

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