From Aegina’s port you can explore the entire island by bus

There are three bus lines on the island of Aegina, all leaving from and returning to the main bus station opposite the Port in Aegina town. A little knowledge of Greek would be helpful in order to find out the bus destination, as they are written in Greek, but asking the locals will definitely be helpful . You can look at bus timetables at the central bus station in Aegina town. Tickets can be bought at the main bus station and on the bus.

Regular buses run daily between Aegina Town, Agia Marina, Souvala, Perdika and all the other tourist places around the island. Along the waterfront of Aegina Town, there are horse carriages that make tours along the port and in the town. This clip clop ride is a unique way to ride the length of the harbor and back. It’s about a fifteen minute ride there and back for 15 euros, so if you are romantic and don’t mind spending the money, don’t miss it. It definitely beats driving.