Paleochora is a tourist hot spot with its pristine beach and hiking paths

Paleochora is a coastal town located on the southwest coast of Crete that has the natural advantage of being built between two bays and is protected from strong seasonal winds by the surrounding mountains.

Its pristine beach which is permanently waving the blue flag receives thousands of visitors in the summer months. Keep in mind that some of the best beaches in Crete are to be found 18km either side of Paleochora. Water activities include surfing, water skiing, snorkelling, jet skiing, sailing and fishing.

In the evenings after a busy day, you can enjoy a walk and a nice meal at both the sea front and central streets of Paleochora that remain closed to vehicles throughout the night, and are transformed into pedestrian streets with tables and chairs. Leisure time can also be spent hiking near the Venetian fortress of Fortezza or in the picturesque hills and mountains that rise north of the town.

From this region passes the European path E4, which enables those who love walking to admire wonderful and unique landscapes. Keep in mind that in the area of Paleochora, there are splendid villas for rent, catering to the eclectic traveller.

How to get in Paleochora Town