Visit Sougia beach for its relaxed atmosphere, a remnant of its hippy days

Sougia is a small seaside village in south Crete, 70 kilometres south of Chania, lying at the mouth of the Agia Eirini gorge, west of the bed of the Ageriniotis seasonal stream.

Right in front of the village lies the great beach of Sougia with its small pebbles. It starts in the west, near the small harbour, and runs east for about 1.5 kilometres. The further east you go, the fewer people there are, as the east end of the beach is a nudist hangout.

Sougia first became popular with those young in body or spirit, who spent their holidays under the tamarisk trees on the beach. Twenty years ago, Sougia was the utter hippy scene, but nowdays it has begun to change.

The tents still appear every summer and the east side of the beach still attracts nudists, but less so than in the past. You will find several reasonably-priced tavernas and restaurants with good food in Sougia. Many are on the beach, while others are in the village.

How to get to Sougia Beach in Chania Region