Immerse in the Minoan civilization in the Archeological Museum of Sitia

The Archeological Museum of Sitia houses an important collection of local finds spanning neolithic to Roman times, with emphasis on the Minoan civilisation. One of the most significant exhibits is the Paleokastro Kouros – a figure pieced together from elements of hippopotamus tusks and gold.

Finds from Zakros Palace include a winepress, bronze saw, jars, cult objects and pots that are scorched from the great fire that destroyed the palace. Apart from the exhibition halls, the museum has storerooms and workshops, as well as offices for scholars and the staff.

The collections are divided into four sections with 30 display cases, containing exhibits dating from 3500 BC to 500 AD: exhibits from the Minoan period, from Zakros, from the Geometric and Archaic periods and the Greco-Roman periodThe explanatory labels of the exhibits are written in five languages.

How to get to Archeological Museum in Lasithi Region