Skinaria beach combines numerous features for all tastes

There are people who will argue that Skinaria is the most beautiful beach in Crete. Immoderate as this might sound, Skinaria Beach does bring together a hard-to-find set of features. First of all, it can be easily accessed through the main country road that connects Rethymno with the broader area of Plakias, in south Crete.

In fact, it is the closest to Rethymno’s southern beach; just a 30-minute drive through the daunting Kourtaliotis Gorge, some very popular villages and rich flora. Secondly, it is secluded and not really crowdy – except perhaps on weekends.

On the other hand, the tavern above the beach will provide pretty much everything you might need. In addition, the small but relatively deep bay formed around the beach protects it from winds ensuring an ever calm water surface, totally safe for both adults and children.

The beach has sand and pebbles and the turquoise waters are crystal clear and usually a bit cold. There are plenty of accommodation options in south Crete, but do not miss to explore the rent-a-villa offers, guaranteeing a truly leisurely stay.

How to get to Skinaria Beach in Rethymno Region