Do not let its name scare you: Seitan Limania beach is a hidden gem

Seitan Limania is a well-hidden spot on the northeast side of the Akrotiri peninsula, 20 km from the city of Chania. There you will find a beach that differs from all others.

Nature has created three inlets among the steep cliffs of the peninsula and in one of those Seitan Limania beach awaits to be explored. The beach has fine pebbles and sand, transferred there from the nearby quarry through the canyon Diplohahalo.

On the right and left sides of the cove, huge marble rocks are standing high to protect the beach from the bad weather. Seitan Limania is quite unknown to most people, even the residents of Chania.

The word “Seitan” (Seytan) is Turkish (apparently left over from the period of Turkish rule in Crete) and is translated as Satan, devilish. As for the word “Limania” it means harbors in Greek. Therefore, “Seitan Limania” means “The Satanic Harbor”, probably a reference to the wild landscape, the steep cliffs and the strong sea streams which are very dangerous.

How to get to Seitan Limania Beach in Chania Region