Trust the KTEL buses to visit Rethymno and many other places in Crete

The KTEL intercity bus station at Rethymno has one of the best locations any bus station could ever have — right at the foot of the massive Fortezza Castle that juts out into the sea off the old city of Rethymno.

As the bus swings in, the great fortification comes into view in all its majesty. In fact, the KTEL service between Heraklion and Chania stops at Rethymno for about half an hour, during which time you can hop off and stroll around the great seaward rampart of the castle. Generally, the bus services in Crete are great.

Reliable, safe and more or less on time. They make getting around in Crete so easy. It is almost one hundred percent predictable that you will get to listen to Cretan music on the loudspeakers for the duration of your trip. This makes everyone happy and certainly adds to the memorable trip!

How to get from Rethymno to other cities with Ktel Bus