Although not organized, Psilos Volakas beach is great for swimming and snorkeling

Psilos Volakas is the first cove on the west as you leave Paleohora. It’s name is taken from a great rock that exists on the one edge of the beach (Psilos Volakas means High Rock in Greek). If you are at picturesque Paleochora, you can reach Psilos Volakas even by foot, enjoying a nice walk. A pristine beach, Psilos Volakas is a lovely small pebbled cove which may be lacking natural shade or facilities nearby, but still is an ideal stop for a refreshing dive. The beach may be totally unorganized but it is the ideal place for snorkeling due to its rocky seabed.

Continuing for 200m west of the beach you’ll find the remote cove of Trohalou, which is a more rugged version of Psilos Volakas with coarser pebbles and stones (the name Trohalou means “stony beach”). This is never crowded and it is one of the best places for snorkeling in the wider area of Paleochora.

How to get to Psilos Volakas Beach in Chania Region