If you are staying at Chania, do not miss a nice swim at Platanias beach

The beach of Platanias is a lovely large sandy beach with many hotels and all kinds of tourist facilities such as beach bars, umbrellas, showers, snack bars, water sports etc. At some points the beach is interrupted by hotel fences and it’s not easy to walk all the way along.

Bear in mind, however, that private beaches are illegal under Greek law, so if you can climb over a fence, feel free to do so and enjoy your swim from any point along the large Platanias beach.

On the east side of the local harbor, close to Agia Marina, you can enjoy a swim in the several small artificial coves, especially on windless days. Its close proximity to Chania and the regular bus service from there, have made Platanias the most popular beach in the Chania vicinity.

The seaside village of Platanias and the surrounding area have undergone impressive development in the last decades and now they are actually considered a suburb of Chania. The village is built on a hillside with fantastic views.

How to get to Platanias Beach in Chania Region