Visit Lastros, a very old, idyllic village in the mountains of eastern Crete

Lastros is a tiny, postcard village clinging to the mountainside of eastern Crete. Its quaint white houses, clustered together in a wooded fold of mount Askordalia, look like something out of a cubist painting, reflecting how well its inhabitants take care of their village.

Lastros has been around for a long time, as attested by the Neolithic and ancient ruins discovered nearby. Α Minoan settlement and a necropolis of the Late Μinoan period have been located in the area and at Langades two more graves of the same period were found.

At Lastros, at the Sigomalia location, we find the church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa. The church is located at an idyllic verdant location overlooking the sea and the village of Lastros. The area is covered by rich vegetation of wild olive, oak, locust trees and brushwood.

At the point where the road meets the church there is a stone fountain with cold water all year round. The carved stone fountain was built during the Turkish occupation and stands there to this day.

How to get to Lastros Village in Lasithi Region