Frangokastello beach will steal your heart with its crystal clear water

Fragokastello beach is an excellent destination for people who like to explore. An hour or so from Chania, to get there you’ll have to drive your car to Sfakia via imposing landscapes and mountains.

After arriving at Sfakia, just follow the sign to Frangokastello, 13 Km to the east. Frangokastello is righteously considered one of the best swimming spots in Crete, a serene haven of peace and tranquility with crystal clear waters.

For those into more active holidays, there are plenty of opportunities for snorkelling at the beach. In any case, make sure to top up your used energy in any of the countless restaurants available in the village. Frangokastello is famous for its Venetian castle and the legend of the mythical Drosoulites.

Legend says that every May to June at daybreak, shadows of the Hatzimihalis Dalianis fallen soldiers, who were killed in 1828’s battle against the Turks, come into view across the plains. Legend or unexplained phenomenon, Frangokastello is definitely worth a visit!

How to get to Frangokastello Beach in Chania Region