A sandy beach that you will love from the first minute

Bella Vraka! The beach that proves that mainland Greece often resembles an exotic island destination. There are places you can only approach by car and leave you speechless. One such case is the Bella Vraka beach in Sivota. The sandy beach with the pink sand and turquoise waters that you are gonna fall in love with it. A heaven on earth that is worth visiting at least once in your life.

Bella Vraka is actually the beach that connects Sivota Thesprotia with the island of Mourtemeno. When you see it while you are approaching it you know you are visiting a heavenly place. And as you set foot there, you feel a real blessing. To approach the beach you literally pass through the sea. That means if you want to have equipment with you, you’d better have only what’s absolutely necessary. Think that you have to carry them on your way back.

In the exotic Bella Vraka you will find turquoise clear waters and pink sand that you rarely find not only in Greece but all over the world. Bella Vraka is not considered by chance one of the most beautiful beaches of Sivota. Anyone who is there or in Parga for holidays will always hear the locals urging him to take a walk in Bella Vraka. And the truth is, he will love it.

How to get to Bella Vraka Beach

You can easily reach Bella Vraka by car which you will leave in a parking lot above the beach. Then you will walk down to the beach (and this is the reason why we told you not to carry many things). Once you see it you will be enchanted by the beautiful scenery.

Near Bella Vraka there are other organized beaches where you can go for a swim either on foot or by boat as some of them are inaccessible.

Check out some stunning images from above from the Up Drones video channel on Youtube.