Swimming in the special coast of Aegina…

It wasn’t the first time we went to Aegina but it was our first visit to one of the most special beaches on the island. The beach… Choris ammoudia (without sand). And that certainly made our trip more special. Having already faced a difficulty until we got to Piraeus and from there to Aegina we thought to go straight home. But the friends were waiting for us there had a surprise for us. They led us to a not very famous but special due to the island’s beach location. Because there are two reasons.

On the one hand, because it is a beach… without sand, on the other hand, because it basically has no name. It is characterized by many locals as the “Kazantzakis Beach” ( Greek writer) because Kazantzakis’ house was there.

Aegina: The beach… Choris ammoudia (without sand)

Arriving, therefore, at the beach of Kazantzakis, we went straight for a dive. From the rocks! It is a very beautiful beach, with clean and cool waters, in an easy location to approach it. But it’s not an organized beach.

Aegina beach The place is so shaped by nature itself that it is the ideal stop to do what the sea always invites you to do. Cool you down!

Aegina beach

Essentially the wave pops where the road starts so your choices are either to sit on the wave enjoying its coolness or to stand on the rocks and dive from there.

For us the swimming experience was so enjoyable. we preferred to leave for a while even the swimming pool of the house in which we were accommodated and enjoy there our evening swim. Unlike the morning we found on this small beach two other groups, in the evening we were alone. And I’m sure that wasn’t the last time we met people there If we visit Aegina, we’ll go back there again.

How to get to this beach of Aegina

Access to this particular beach of Aegina is very easy. Arriving at the port you will take the road to the left and you will need just ten minutes to reach kazantzakis beach for a swim. The Google map will help you a lot since you can find out where the house that Nikos Kazantzakis was. See HERE’S exactly where it is. Once you see a beach without sand, you know you’ve arrived…