The history of war in Greece in one museum in the center of Athens

If you pass by stationed warplanes right in the centre of Athens you probably are outside the War Museum at the junction of Vasilisis Sofias avenue and Rizari Street. You don’t need to be a weapons’ aficionado to visit it, as the museum houses an extensive range of exhibits relating to the history of war in Greece as well as some relating to wars in other nations.

If you walk up the steps from the south slope of Acropolis you will find Anafiotika, an amazing settlement with small whitewashed houses built in the Cycladic architectural style. Strolling in the small winding streets you get carried away in the islands of the Cyclades, losing the sense that you actually are in the centre of the busy Greek capital. In Plaka there are numerous quaint taverns and cafes as well as jewelry shops, art galleries and tourist shops.

How to get to the War Museum in Athens