From Aeropagitou street to Monastiraki district, every walk is a new experience

Athens is definitely not the place where you’ll get bored. You’ll always find something to do to get away and have a good time. Whether this is a morning walk, or a meal out, nightlife or just a walk to the historic center. In fact, it’s not one, but a lot of walks you’re going to take in the historic center and make your day.

Here are some of the most favorite destinations in the historic center. And you’re going to do these walks again and again with great pleasure…

Monastiraki district, the classic

You’re going to go out to the bazaar behind the Metro Station in Monastiraki and keep looking at the shops at the same time. After that, the pedestrian street which looks at the Acropoliscontinues, next to the train lines. It is probably one of the most picturesque streets in Athens. Of course the destination, that is, Thission District is the best part of the trip with the trees and the beautiful view inspiring you to reach the Acropolis.

Plaka, the neighborhood of the gods

Even if you’re in the most central part of the city, you don’t get it. Plaka and Anafiotika districts are probably the best choice for those who want to feel like they are not in Athens while you are still there. In fact, it is not just in Attica but in the heart of Athens. You will see beautiful neoclassical, well-groomed courtyards and picturesque alleys. Images that after the walk will be etched in your memory. With certainty this is one of the most beautiful walks in Athens that makes you even think that you are on an island.

Dionisiou Aeropagitou – Acropolis

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No matter how many times you take this walk, you’re surely never bored. It’s definitely the busiest pedestrian street and it has its reasons. When you consider that it overlooks the Acropolis and The Herodion Ancient Theater after sunset, it is no wonder that so many people want to take a walk at this place in Athens. Apart from the walk, do not forget to visit the Acropolis Museum or even the archaeological site if you are determined to walk a lot and if you have spare time.

A walk in Metz, the Montmartre of Athens

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A walk in Metz is always interesting. A classic walk worth taking not just once. You will see the neoclassical buildings, the beautiful sour orange trees and this different detail of the Athens of the 90s. I’m sure you’ll make enough stops to take photos and also to have a coffee in one of the most picturesque districts of the historic center.

Climbing on Lycabettus hill.

It may be exciting at night and with a full moon, but the same is true if you decide to take a walk up there. You will understand that Lycabettus hill is not only for the couples in love, but also for those who want to walk and see the view. Walk up to the chapel that stands on the hill and stop there to observe Athens from afar at any time of the day. A route that fills you with images and shows you details from the moments of the Old Athens. Even if you’re not nostalgic of her…