New York, Tokyo and London lead the race – See the full list

The capital of Greece was evaluated in more than 160 indicators

Athens is a historic city. It has its own special beauty and is an attraction for millions of tourists. Travellers from East Asia to Latin America arrive daily at Eleftherios Venizelos airport. But is it a modern city? What is the position of the capital of Greece among the 500 most innovative cities in the world?

Let’s see the answer immediately: Athens ranks 78th. According to the Innovative Cities Index of 2thinknow, the most densely populated city in the country fell 16 places compared to its previous rating.

New York is in the first place. The global metropolis displaced Tokyo, which, last year, held the relevant title. In the 3rd place is London. The top ten is completed by Los Angeles, Singapore, Paris, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Toronto.

More than 160 indicators are taken into account in the 2thinknow assessment. Special emphasis is given, inter alia, to transport and infrastructure. In the privacy of citizens but also in the green architecture. In real estate prices, as well as in the office space for start-ups. It goes without saying that the use of the Internet is calculated and evaluated.

The evaluation showed that 11 out of the 20 most innovative cities in the world are located in the US. From Europe, with the exception of the capital of England and France, Berlin appears in 12th place.

High on the list are several other European cities. For example, Vienna (25th), Munich (27th), Madrid (28th), Milan (29th), Amsterdam (30th). In the “fight” for the Old Continent, Stockholm (32nd), Hamburg (46th), Brussels (65th) and Lyon (72nd) follow. It should be noted that Europe has fewer cities in the top 20 than in previous competitions. But it retained the same number of entries in the top 100.

The entire list can be viewed here. The last city on the 500-list is Khartoum. The capital of Sudan has a long way to cover…