Impressive historical memorabilia in a landark Athens building

Specialising in memorabilia from the Greek War of Independence (1821–27), the National Historical Museum houses Byron’s helmet and sword, a series of paintings depicting events leading up to the war and a collection of photographs and royal portraits. Through relics, artifacts, weapons, personal items, clothing, and maps, visitors can follow the progress of the Greek nation during the Turkish and Venetian rule of Greece.

The Greek revolution of 1821, the independence and the formation of the new Greek state, the expansion of the frontiers during the Balkan Wars, the adventure of the Asia Minor campaign, up to the Second World War. The museum is housed in the old Parliament building, that was founded in 1858 by Queen Amalia, on the steps of which Prime Minister Theodoros Deligiannis was assassinated in 1905, It is a short stroll from the Sintagma metro station.

How to get to the National Historical Museum