Monastiraki: a harmonious blend of tradition, shopping and relaxation

Monastiraki is where the heart of Athens beats, an old part of the city which nestles under the Acropolis. Monastiraki square is the hub of life in the area and the main street leading off will take you to narrow alleys with a thousand artifacts to buy and sell.

This traditional market has a festive atmosphere and its permanent antique and collectables shops are open all week. Adrianou street facing the Acropolis and the Attalos Stoa are two of the best places to relax and enjoy the scenery at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants. On one corner of Monastiraki square looms a relic of the Ottoman occupation, the Mosque, built in 1759. Next to the metro station and just a little west of the Roman Agora you will find Hadrian’s library, built in 132 A.D. by the Roman Emperor.

How to get to Monastiraki Region