Humble but mouth-watering, who can resist a good souvlaki ?

Greece is well known for its delicious cuisine and healthy Mediterranean diet, but what about its fast food? Everyone who has visited the country has tasted at least once the famous “souvlaki” or “souvlaki with pita” or “pita gyros,” three dishes combining meat in a very tasteful dish that has become a trademark of the modern Greek culture over the years.

Whether to take away, eat it out on the curb or just sit in the shop and enjoy it at your leisure, souvlaki and pita gyros have become the most popular, convenient, and cost-effective food option someone can come across in Greece. This great tasting food is not only filling but combines all the ingredients a dietician would recommend: protein in the meat, vegetables in the form of chopped tomatoes and carbohydrates in the delicious pita bread. In…Souvlaki-land it goes without saying that the competition between souvlaki places is relentless, which means that you can find good souvlaki almost everywhere in Greece. There are however some spots, like the Monastiraki-Plaka area in the center of Athens, that has become almost synonymous with this mouth-watering, everyday food. Don’t miss it!

How to get to Monastiraki Region, to eat greek souvlaki