A special experience in a place full of clay (Argilos in Greek means Clay)

Greece has thousands of beaches and some of them undoubtedly standing out for their special characteristics. Some of them may be approached only by the sea while others may have colours that would make the most exotic islands envie. And there are beaches that offer you a special experience, as well as the ability to have a natural spa! One of them is a Greek beach in Crete, named Argylos, in Sitia county.

Argilos, a Greek beach… a natural spa
Argilos is a truly special beach next to Gerontolakkos in Sitia county. It is a sandy beach and its name reveals the experience you will have there. It is called so because of the clay that exists at this place. As soon as you get there, you will see people soaked in clay in order to have a natural spa – sand bath and massage. Don’t hesitate to dig in the sand. You’ll find small pieces of clay for a short natural spa.
Argilos Beach creates an otherworldly natural landscape that awaits you for unforgettable moments. If you find yourself on summer vacation in Crete and especially in Sitia you should get to know this place in up-close. Apart from the clay, you will find golden sand and pebbles while the crystal clear water will not leave you unmoved. The spot is actually a small bay with shallow, turquoise waters. The beach is about 103 km from the town of Agios Nikolaos, 69 km from Ierapetra and about 47 km from the city of Sitia. The image of the rocks around it, that are full of clay, will be unforgettable. As well as the experience of the natural spa.
Argilos: The Greek beach you have... natural spa

Sitia, a destination for a quiet vacation

Vacations in Sitia mean tranquillity, relaxation, endless beaches around Sitia, beautiful villages in the mainland and ouzo with little bites in the evening in the shops that offer raki in the centre of the town. Sitia is a fully developed town and tourist destination, so there is nothing you will not find. You will find everything you need, especially on the streets leading to the main square above the coastal road.

Sitia is an area that is famous for its good food and especially for the welcoming mood to its visitors. Most restaurants and taverns in Sitia are located along the coastal pedestrian street, where you will find tourist restaurants with international cuisine but also more traditional taverns, with relatively good prices and many Cretan flavours and recipes.

It is certain that you’ll have a good time there, and promise yourself to come back soon…