Guide for travelers: Where to stay – What to eat – Where to have fun – How to get there

The “Mykonos of Winter” successfully entangles the traditional with the modern, the alleys with the bars!

Arachova. The lady of Parnassus mountain. Traditional and cosmopolitan. An area with a distinct personality. The traditional is mingled with the modern, offering a special synthesis of images and experiences. It is rightly at the top of Greece’s winter tourism. Attraction for foreigners, as well.

Built amphitheatrically on the southern slopes of Parnassos, with picturesque cobbled streets that lead to the classic main road, one of the most recognizable in the country. The main square of Arachova is located at an altitude of 960 meters.

The settlement lives intensely in the autumn and winter months, with many different activities for all tastes. From the moment the visitor parks his car, the experience in the… Mykonos of winter begins.

Lakka Square is probably the first attraction for the tourist. The paved main square is the ideal start to your visit in Arachova. The historical clock can’t go unnoticed. Built at the beginning of the 18th century, it proudly shines over the centuries. Time passes, but it stands there. Of particular importance is the Holy Church of Agios Georgios. You climb the 264 steps and you’re rewarded by the view. Visit the Folklore Museum of Arachova. It’s next to the clock rock. You will surely pass by.

A walks in a village of Roumeli means walking through picturesque alleys. Arachova has managed to maintain both its architecture and its traditional character. You’ll definitely walk on the main street. But you must also walk throw the narrow cobblestones. You’re not going to get lost, nor will you loose your time.

Where to stay

Arachova offers multiple options. Accommodations for every taste. Whatever your wallet can handle. Unique chalets, apartments, hotels, traditional guesthouses, Airbnb. You choose. You rent. You make luggage.

What you will eat

Whatever you like. Traditional taverns and restaurants offer local meat. The “kokoretsi”and the “kontosouvli” can be found in most taverns. The dishes with lamb or goat on parchment paper are also a specialty. Taste the formaella, the Arachovian cheese with a designation of origin registered by the European Union. Noodles, trachanas and traditional appetizers complete the menu, in an atmosphere that smells of charcoal and fireplace.

Where to have fun

Bars and nightclubs offer several options. The list is big and long. The nightlife of this place does not need special recommendations. There are many who arrive only for a Saturday night and its experiences. Arachova or else the “Mykonos of Winter”.

Arachova is connected to the Parnassos Ski Centre. You will need about half an hour to cover a distance of 24 km. On days when snow is the heavy, you will need more time. We don’t need to point out that, in winter, you go to Arachova with non-slip chains on your tires or have them at the ready in the trunk.

In the ski resort, the visitor can have unique experiences. Either he’s experienced or he’s getting ready to take his first steps. With 21 slopes and 7 routes with a total length of 36 km, parnassos Ski Centre is the largest in Greece.

In addition to snow-related winter sports, Arachova offers the possibility of hiking, horse riding, mountain biking. Search, organize yourself and organize your company as well. Live the experience.

How do you get to Arachova?

From Athens: Arachova is 167 km from Athens. In less than two hours you can be there following the Athens Lamia National Road to the exit to Kastro. Then you drive towards Livadia and then Arachova.

From Patras: Arachova is 135 km away. from Patras. The journey takes about two hours. After passing the Rio-Antirio Bridge, the route you must follow is to Galaxidi, Itea, Delphi. The journey ends with a final stop in Arachova.

Tip: Parking is prohibited on the main road. Free municipal parking is available at the two entrances of Arachova. You can leave your car in the streets of the settlement. All solutions have their difficulties at a time when Arachova is overcrowded of people.