Paraporti is ideal for a quick dip on a hot summer day

Paraporti, this small sandy stretch of a beach, emerging headlong from the mainland, is one of two beaches visitors may enjoy in the vicinity of Chora or Andros Town. Located only a short walk downstairs from Kairi square, south of Chora, Paraporti is also accessible by car.

Nimborio beach is the other one and lies north of Chora. While Paraporti is not an organized beach and doesn’t get the summer crowds neighboring shores on Andros do, it’s a nice stop for a quick, refreshing dip after a walk under the sun on a hot summer day. Keep in mind that Paraporti is exposed to northern winds, so treat it with caution if northern winds are blowing. Taverns are only 200 meters up from the stairs, where visitors can relax and take in the view of the beach from above.

How to get to Paraporti Beach