Agios Dimitrios is so beautiful place.

If you go on holiday to Sporades once, you’ll most likely go back there over and over again. Islands that offer you exotic, turquoise beaches and so green landscapes that often reaches the sea. Alonissos is famous for its features and beautiful beaches. Its most exotic beach definitely steals impressions and looks. It is the exotic beach of Agios Dimitrios. It is not by chance one of the most famous of the island because if its beauty, its waters, and its sand. A visit there will convince you…

Agios Dimitrios beach is what we call a must for an annual trip Even its location is special as once you arrive there you will see a large beach with blue clear waters, thick and tall pebbles. The environment will inspire you for endless moments of relaxation from everyday life.

The largest part of it is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. If you also want to buy a snack there is a canteen with all the necessities as well as a family tavern. Agios Dimitrios stands out from the other beaches of the island mainly because the land enters the sea. It thus forms a tongue creating a scene that is impressive and at the same time rare.

According to history its name comes from the monastery of Agios Dimitrios that used to exist in the area but was destroyed by pirates. But there are some monuments from the monastery which are located near the main road.

If you look at the beach from above, you’ll see how a rudimentary triangle forms. Just above the beach there is a natural pond. It was created from rainwater and serves as a wetland for migratory birds during the winter season.

Alonissos: The most exotic beach of the beautiful island Photo

The island of Peristera

Opposite the beach you will notice that there is an island, which is called Peristera. It is a deserted island with an area of 16 square kilometers and is located parallel to the eastern coast of Alonnisos. There are two shepherd settlements in the places Mnimata and Livadakia. Although it is small in size it has many great beaches.

Prehistoric relics and ancient tombs have been found on the island from time to time. Finally, Peristera “belongs” to Zone B of the Park of Alonissos. That means there are no special rules of protection.

It is an ideal destination for sea excursions due to its very beautiful beaches and the channel that is formed in the sea area with the beach of Agios Dimitrios.

Everything you want to know about Agios Dimitrios Beach

The beach of Agios Dimitrios is located in the eastern part of Alonissos and the distance from the city is about 14 km. But the route is comfortable because there is a road with asphalt. You won’t have a hard time reaching out and enjoying your swim like you’re in some exotic destination abroad.