Blue waters combined with lush vegetation

If Greece boasts of something then this is certainly its beaches. Either with sand or pebbles, smaller or larger, the Greek beaches are mostly small diamonds waiting to be discovered. The hinterland and the islands are full of treasures that in many cases stand out.One such beach is located on the Aegean Sea. What impresses you when you get there or when you see it from above, is that its trees touch the sea making the transition from green to blue impressive.

The island with the green coast in the Aegean Sea

We are talking about Panormos beach in Skopelos islands of the Sporades Complex. It is one of the most popular and crowded beaches on the island. It is located about 11 km west of Skopelos’ Chora (the capital). Seeing the pictures from this beach you realize why there are many who say that Panormos bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Skopelos. Despite its large size, it is well protected from the winds.

This beach is not strange that it is, after all, so green. The whole island is embraced by dense vegetationCombined with the blue bay, they create an amazing landscape. The beach is quite long approaching 600 meters of length. In most of the coast, you will find pebbles without however this being annoying. There are also small sections of sand while pebbles can also be found on the seafloor. The crystal clear and blue waters, to the extent that you see every detail of the seabed, deepen sharply and so a little attention is needed if you go there with children.

Panormos is an impressive, organized beach. Which means that, in the summer, you will find sunbeds and umbrellas showers and a lifeguard. However, this is not binding since there is a large free piece where you can lay your towel and enjoy the blue waters. If you are a lover of water sports, you can rent marine equipment, for example, canoes on this beach.

If, on the other hand, you prefer more romantic situations, then it is worth staying on this beach until late in the afternoon. The setting is idyllic when the sun starts to set. There, at dusk, you will find in a very peaceful atmosphere with beautiful colours and a deep red sunset!

How to access Panormos

Access to the beach is easy since it is located on the main road. If happen to be on the island you can reach it via the Skopelos – Loutraki road axis. Alternatively, you can arrive by a local bus which debarks you right in front of the beach.

Skopelos, a special island in the Aegean Sea