3 places to enjoy the sunset with a unique view in Kythera

The Incredible Moudari Lighthouse The Moudari lighthouse is is one of the biggest lighthouses in…
About Kythera

Towns and Villages

Kythera is rich in towns and villages, each with their distinct characteristics Kythera is a…
Activities in Kythera

Hiking with a local guide in Kythera

Alone or with a guide, Kythera will reward the hiking lover with its unique landscapes…
Activities in Santorini

I know what you will do in Santorini this summer

A ride with a donkey, the mascot of island The donkey ride will be an…

3 Top Places to relax in Santorini

Oia Town Oia: The most elegant part of Santorini Oia vice with Fira the maintown…

Top 3 Beaches in Kalymnos

Platis Gialos Beach Platis Gialos: An impressive beach with an amazing landscape Platis Gialos beach…
About Santorini

5 Replies to the question “Why Santorini”

1. Towns & Villages Santorini villages cater to the tastes and needs of the most…
About Santorini

Some useful tips how to get to Santorini

Getting To The Island You can travel to magical Santorini in two ways either by…
About Crete

walking in the big cities of Crete

Walking in Chania Town Discover Chania by strolling in the Old Town and at the…
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5 Best Beaches In Lasithi Region

1. Xerokampos Beach Xerokampos, still unspoilt, awaits those seeking tranquillity and privacy Xerokampos is actually…
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The top 3 Picturesque Villages in Chania Region
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6 useful tips about Athens
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Monastery of Agios Yannis on the Cliff
Activities in Kythera
Sea Voyage to Wonderful Island of Hytra
Activities in Andros
Top 3 Activities in Andros
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Top 5 Picturesque Villages in Lasithi Region
Best Beaches of Andros
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