About Kythera

Towns and Villages

Kythera is rich in towns and villages, each with their distinct characteristics Kythera is a…
Chania Region videos

3 Museums you must visit in Chania Region

1. The Archeological Museum Archeological Museum of Chania: A historical treasure in the city center…
First Time in Kalymnos

Useful information about the first time in Kalymnos Island

About Kalymnos Kalymnos: The home of the world’s finest sponge divers! Kalymnos is a beautiful…

3 Top Places to relax in Santorini

Oia Town Oia: The most elegant part of Santorini Oia vice with Fira the maintown…

Athens Authentic Marathon: The Finish Line

One of the most famous finish lines Kallimarmaro Stadium: A glorious finish for the Athens…

Top 3 Beaches in Kalymnos

Platis Gialos Beach Platis Gialos: An impressive beach with an amazing landscape Platis Gialos beach…
kythera moudari lighthouse
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The Incredible Moudari Lighthouse

The Moudari lighthouse is an iconic monument on the island of Kythera Moudari is the…
5 replies to the question why santorini
About Santorini

5 Replies to the question “Why Santorini”

Towns & Villages The most stunning destination with amazing villages and towns to discover There…
chania old port sighseeing
About Crete island

Sightseeing of Crete with John Carr

Walking around Old Port of Chania Chania is Crete’s second biggest town after Heraklion and…
crete best beches lasithi
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5 Best Beaches In Lasithi Region

1. Xerokampos Beach Xerokampos: A pristine area with fantastic deserted beaches Xerokampos is located in…
crete chania top villages
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The top 3 Picturesque Villages in Chania Region
athens region
5 Reasons why we love Athens
walking in the picturesque cities of crete
About Crete island
Walking in the picturesque cities of Crete
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Activities in Kythera
Sea Voyage to Wonderful Island of Hytra
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Villages to Must Visit in Rethymno Region
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Best Beaches of Andros
top 3 activities in andros
Activities in Andros
Top 3 Activities in Andros
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Top 5 Picturesque Villages in Lasithi Region