Kapsali Beach & Village

The twin beaches of Kapsali extend along the samename village, Kythera's cosmopolitan spot Near the…

Top 5 Beautiful Beaches in Kythera

Diakofti Village and Beach Diakofti: A quiet village with an impressive white sand beach Anybody…

Platia Ammos Beach

Platia Ammos combines relaxing vacations with the possibility of excursions to nearby places Platia Ammos…
Meet Aegina Island

A place with a character

So close to Athens, Aegina is the perfect choice for an easy getaway from the…
Meet Aegina Island

Taking The Boat from Piraeus is unique experience

Aegina is an ideal getaway at a stone's throw from Athens There is nothing easier…
Meet Aegina Island

4 reasons why we love Aegina island

1. Taking the boat from Piraeus is unique experience Aegina is an ideal getaway at…
santorini history
About Santorini

The History of Santorini island

Santorini's rich history is prevalent everywhere one looks Santorini’s history is as exciting as the…
santorini things worth buying
About Santorini

Things Worth Buying

Do not miss the unique Santorini shopping experience until late at night Santorini is a…
santorini island
About Santorini

The 5 elements of Santorini

1. The Spirit of the Caldera Watch this video before arriving to Santorini It is…
santorini money and banks
About Santorini

Money and Banks

Banks with ATM's will cover your money needs in Santorini With Santorini, along with Mykonos,…
useful tips for santorini
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Some useful tips how to get to Santorini
santorini shopping caldera
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Shopping in Caldera
5 replies to the question why santorini
About Santorini
5 Replies to the question “Why Santorini”
santorini business hours
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Business Hours
useful tips about santorini
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Getting To The Island – FAQ
santorini architecture
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The Architecture of Santorini
About Santorini
The Main Port of Athinios
taking the bus santorini
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Taking The Bus