Santorini Video Guide

Santorini's Sunset is considered the main tourist attraction

Santorini | The Sunset

"One reason why Santorini gets an unfailingly glowing press in the world’s travel pages is that it’s very much in vogue to catch the Aegean sunset from the northern tip of the island. From May till about the middle of October, crowds line the balconies and old battlements at Ia to glimpse what is billed as the best sunset in the world. Red, purple, orange and ochre tinges blend dramatically in the lenses of thousands of cameras. Just why the Santorini sunset should be such great shakes is not clear. Some say it’s the volcanic dust in the air that filters the colours so dramatically. Some say it’s just, well, imagination. But whatever the reason, the hype is right. A Santorini sunset helps put a glow on things even before you start on the wine or ouzo for the evening. And for a romantic atmosphere, there’s nothing better. So, a sunset Santorini rendezvous at Oia! "

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