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Get informed about the ways of visiting the historical Athens Plaka

Athens | Ways to Visit the Historical Center

The historical center is quite compact so you can walk through it in a couple of hours easily. However there are many winding streets and sites to see, and it is easy to get lost if you don't have a mapand you haven't done your homework.The most obvious and expensive way to see the city is with a guided tour. This can cost a pretty penny if you hire your own guide to take you to all the sites and you are in a small group.There are bus tours that are more affordable in which you are driven around to the sites and guided through them by a licensed tour guide.Some hotels and travel agencies offer walking tours that will help you visit all the sites but usually refer you to a licensed guide at the site or to your guide book for information about the monuments.The rule is that once you pay a ticket to get into a site then only a licensed guide can show you around and explain things. They are usually available on site and will negotiate a price with you according to the size of your group.If you want to zip around ancient Athens with a futuristic vehicle you can take a Segway tour and roll to all the sites instead of walking, quite a fast way to see it all!

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