Athens Video Guide

One of the Greatest Museums of the world near theatre of Dionysus

Athens | The Acropolis Museum

"The Acropolis museum, a famous museum, opened in 2009 and is truly a unique experience. After you get your ticket you can travel in time by viewing scale models of the evolution of the City of Athens from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. The Acropolis Museum is near the Acropolis Metro station and is across from the Theater of Dionysus, which leads to the entrance of the Acropolis. Plan to spend at least one hour at this museum. The Acropolis museum is designed to lead you from the slopes of the Hill to its Archaic artifacts on the first floor, up to the third floor on which you will find all the available artwork from the Parthenon on display. On the way down you can enjoy a meal or coffee at the full service restaurant with a great view of the Acropolis and visit the museum shop as well, located on the second floor. The transparent floor provides a view of the archaeological excavation, while its upward slope hints to the ascent toward the Acropolis. One of the unique aspects of this famous museum is that visitors may view the exhibits from all sides as three-dimensional exhibits without the hindrance of ropes or glass. They can view the exhibits from any vantage point and see all the delicate work up close. The artwork is a combination of the original blocks of the frieze and cast copies of the pieces in museums abroad, such as the British Museum and the Louvre. "

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