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Use the means of transport to get from Eleftherios Venizelos to Athens

Athens | Getting To The Center From The Airport

"When you arrive in Athens International Airport, you have several ways of getting into the City Center. If you are interested in renting a car, please go and watch our video ""Getting a Rental Car"" for details. When exiting customs and the departure area at the Eleftherios Venizelos airport, you will be welcomed by a swarm of taxis, waiting in line to take you whereever you want to go. Taxi Athens Rates are doubled between midnight and 5:00 am. You can also choose to walk to the Athens metro, which leaves every half an hour and takes about 50 minutes to get to the city center. The Suburban Railroad leaves from the same station but takes a different route, so be sure you get on the right train! You can also use the Athens Metro or the Suburban Railway if you are heading Athens aiport to Piraeus port. Just follow the signs that say ""Trains"" on the upper concourse. The trains run from 5:20 am until 11:30 pm. There are also 24-hour buses that go to key destinations. There is the X95 that serves the route, athens airport to city which goes directly into the center of Athens at Syntagma and leaves every 20 minutes. It takes around 50 minutes or so, depending on traffic. Buy your ticket from the booth outside arrivals at Athens International Airport and validate it upon entry onto the bus. You can take the same bus back to the airport at the same location where it dropped you off. There is also an express bus for the port of Piraias the X96, which leaves from the same location as the city bus right outside Arrivals at Eleftherios Venizelos airport. If you need to connect to a bus terminal in the City you can take the X97 Kifissos bus from which you can connect to almost every Greek mainland city. When taking a taxi back to the airport, make sure that the driver starts the meter, for you are only obligated to pay what is on the meter at the end of the route as well as a small surcharge for airport destinations and any luggage. You can take the Athens metro from Syntagma station, however keep in mind that the route to Athens International airport runs every half hour and it takes close to 45 minutes to get there, so give yourself plenty of time. However you choose to get from Athens International airport into the city center, you have plenty of options for traveling into Athens and great flexibility on ways to get you back to the airport. "

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